In their day, aerial solutions were a major innovation and land surveying professionals have relied on them for decades but now UAVs are the new disruptive technology.

Since 2011, we have provided professional surveyors with dedicated hardware. Whenever controlled accuracy is required, engineering grade sensors and GNSS-RTK capabilities have a definite edge over entry level consumer cameras and traditional GPS devices.

Get the Z right: methodology for achieving centimetre accuracy using drone-acquired data for mapping and topography purposes” is the title of our last White Paper which describes the results that can be attained with our UAVs and the methodology needed to achieve this. It has been presented at numerous international exhibitions (Geobusiness in London, RPAS Conference in Brussel, Géomètre-Expert in Nancy, among others).

Our products

UAV packages


Package Geomatics, Package UX5


Package Geomatics, Package UX5

DT 18 HD

DRONES, Package DT18, Package Geomatics



Delair-Tech solutions for geospatial enable:

  • combined GNSS & IMU1 for more accurate geolocation
  • simplified workflows, automated data processing and all inclusive data management available in the cloud

1 Inertial Reference Unit

  • enhanced performance and sensor control for high-quality results
  • QA/QC your data in real time, with full control of sensors during the flight
  • work without Ground Control Points (GCPs)
  • cover large areas or long linear trajectories with BVLOS UAVs
  • take advantage of flexible flight-planning features and fully-automated data acquisition


  • minimize deployment time, thanks to long-range, high performance drones
  • minimize the time needed for data acquisition and data processing 

Use Cases

Emergency mapping long range drone use case
Disaster Damage Assessments
Use case Delair-Tech Mountain inspection drones
Mountain inspection
Aerial imagining in Antartica with UX5 Delair-Tech
Aerial Imaging in Antartica
Geospatial drone UAV UX5
Surveying a Mountain Highway

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