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Real-time stealth monitoring with a rugged, long endurance tactical UAV

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISTAR)
  • Day and night surveillance of critical areas (mission theaters, borders, industrial sites, remote dangerous areas)
  • Large area surveillance (5000 ha/hour)
  • Detection, Recognition & Identification (DRI)
  • Tracking mobile targets (people, cars, boats, planes…) for long pursuit and over long distances (+50kms)
  • Remote identification
  • Real-time operations monitoring
  • Patrol and convoy escorting
  • Discrete surveillance operations (low visual and audible signature)
Delair-Tech long range military UAV



Military industry DT26M UAV Delair-Tech
Endurance: 2h30
Weight 11kg (4kg payload capacity)
Range per flight Up to 150 kms
Communication link:  Range : + 50 kms
Encryption : AES256
Agile Mesh multi-node topology
EO/IR Gimbal Unrivaled DRI performance
Launch method  / recovery Catapult / belly landing (all-terrain)
Deployment < 8 minutes
Wingspan / Length 3.3 m / 1.6 m
Cruise speed 50 km/h (27 kts)
Wind resistance 75 km/h (27 kts)
Flight altitude ceiling Up to 5000 m ASL
Features Developed with French Ministry of Defense
All terrain technology – remote operability in unprepared areas
100% iTAR free
Face-to-face training and engineering support included


Delair-Tech military drone comes with high precision sensors

Unrivalled EO/IR compact, high-end payload on a UAV

EO/IR video camera Gyrostabilized system – rotating and adjustable sensor
Zoom EO : optical x 36 / LWIR camera with x2 zoom / click and track features
Resolution 25 µRad
Pan/tilt Unlimited
Tracking Geotracking & Pattern
Video tracking
Mobile objet tracking
Onboard image enhancement Included (Contrast, Shutter, Gain)
STANAG 4609 / 4586



  1. Go further and add advanced features to the gimbal: laser illuminator, super resolution, EO/IR fusion
  2. Do it all and map at the same time: add an RGB camera (up to 50 km2 per flight)
  3. Telecom accessories: mobile receiver and video terminal (ROVER) 5 km range
  4. Transport solutions: rugged case
  5. Services: warranty extension, training on-site


Military industry DT26M UAV long range

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